Some Homeowners Regret Buying Their Property

According to PropertyWire ‘nearly half (44%) of British homeowners would not buy their home again if given the chance’ which is a considerable number of unhappy buyers! The process of purchasing a house can feel overwhelming at times and can influence the buyer to making some ill-advised decisions.


Source – Thrive Global


“Make sure every evaluation is done so you aren’t stuck with any nasty repair bills and look up the local area to see what others are saying. Do not feel pressured into buying a home you are not sure about and don’t buy one for the sake of buying one.”


PropertyWire also said that ‘those who lived in terraced homes were most likely to not want to buy their home again (39%), with semi-attached (29%), detached (25%) and a bungalow (13%) following.

Over half (56%) felt they had rushed into buying their current home due to reasons including pressure from family members (39%), or pressure from a partner (25%)’.

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